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From Pittsburgh — 11/24/2008

I had a blast working for YellwBook USA!!! Some would say too much fun. Definttly benefits being single or can help you get divorced, unless she sticks around to spend all the money you make. Great company over all. Was there for almost a decade. Great people to work with. Most people with any knowledge have left due to the Idiot running the Pittsburgh Office. Mark Eschelman and his picture selling cronies he brought in are idiots and could not sell an account over $200.00 if theur jobs depended on it. The worst mistake They made was hiring a few of these idiots into management from outside the company. Management was competant when promoted from within. He has run the Pittsburgh market into the ground, evidenced by the ever shrinking Book that was YellowBook's first "BIG HONKIN BOOK" in a major Market. It is almost sad to see this happen to the best place what once was the best place in Pittsburgh to work, now, from what I hear it is one of the worst due to Eschelman and his buddy Vince.
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