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From US — 10/20/2008

0k, The people complaining need to look in the mirror. Although this job is definitley not perfect it has many more pros than cons. The office I come from the people complaining are the people who don't work or just has no talent. People talking about paycuts failed to mention the company raised allowances and commissions considerbaly at the same time. These people just want to sit at home and make a high salary without doing anything. That is why the took a pay cut becasue they don't sale anything. When they applied and were hired maybe they thought you made a commission by licking your own rear end. If that was possible there would be be a lot of bum lickers out there. Bottom line is that you have to perform to make money, (yea it's that simple) I have been with Yellowbook with the old pay plan and the new pay plan. I made more on the new pay plan becasue I get up and work everyday. On the downside the meetings most of the time are how bad we did yesterday not how good we did or how to do good. It will tear a vehicle to pieces. You have to dedicate some evenings and some weekends to planning, but not to extensive. The only time I plan afterhours is for accounts I can make 3-4k from. I think we all would spend 1 hr in the evening to make 4 grand. Overall Yellowbook is a good company to work for. There will be certain things about this job that is stressfull. If you could tell me one job out there with no worries and stress sign me up. It just don't happen. With motivation and a drive you can easily male over six figures as a premise rep. I make little less becasue I spend a lot of time with my family which cuts into some of my opportunites but I know its there if you want it. I actually did make $1,700 in about two hours today. That is $850 per hour. Match that with an average attorney and you win!
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