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From Virginia — 10/18/2008

I read some of the negative comments and was appalled. I have been with Yellowbook almost two years and it's definitely one of the best jobs I've ever had and I'm almost to the half century mark. I think the people who complain about this company may have a poor relationship with their manager or something or maybe they feel entitled to something without working for it. I work about 30-40 hours a week, sometimes more if I choose. I always hit my numbers and I've exceeded my 2007 earnings and it's only October. Customers like me, they like our products and I feel blessed that some recruiter found me and told me I should give this a try when I really didn't want to. My managers are respectful, knowledgable and do their best to help me succeed. I've had one promotion and earned over $4500 in a biannual bonus in addition to my salary and commissions. Quit your complaining and go out and earn more or go find another company to work for so those of us who enjoy Yellowbook can take your piece of revenue and make a difference for a small business owners across America.

Also, with our internet products now, we are leaps ahead of our competition. I exceeded the expectation on internet sales months ago and am almost at 200% of quota. If you can't sell, you really should not be a sales person.
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