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From Hillsboro, OR — 01/08/2010

Yahoo is an extremely demanding place to work! They have very strict metrics measuring your performance on a daily basis, if you don't preform you're fired. My manager would send out weekly emails with everyone on our teams names and highlight in green who was doing okay, and highlight in red who wasn't. Nevermind that my overall monthly average was amongst the top 5 on a team of 20!

Yahoo doesn't really care about your life and your responsibilities at home.....if you have children, forget about working for Yahoo! It's all about Yahoo's business need(s) and working when they need you, for as long as they need you....or else.

Yahoo's managers also have their favorites and it's quite obvious who their favorite employees are. With last years layoff's in February of 2009, the small business managers were instructed to reduce at least 4 people from their team, totalling 16 people from the department to lay off. You can bet that the managers kept their favorites, the rest were on the chopping block. Yahoo let go of REALLY excellent technical support people who delivered the World Class Service that they expect, but let them go because their stats weren't good enough. The other issue is that the people that were laid off were told it was due to a reduction in workforce, and yet roughly a week later they had that very same position reposted.

Working for Yahoo in regards to their company politics.....well, down outright unethical! Working with my co-workers......they were truly amazing! The engineers that they have at Yahoo are amazing! It's just really too bad that they let the ones go who delivered the excellent customer service.
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