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From Scotts Valley, CA — 08/07/2008

Great things: the people are awesome (better than the company deserves!). You start with four weeks vacation!!!
Iffy things: Make sure your vehicle has airbags and especially antilock brakes, because the commute is frequently slippery, often delayed by crashes, infested with suicidal deer, and overwhelmed with radar-toting cops. However, the views along the way are stunning.
Bad things: this company is exceedingly volatile. They hire and fire in droves because they have very few customers and are absolutely captive.

Management at the local level is above average to stellar, depending on the individual, but not ever truly below average or poor.

It's a British company, and the Brits haven't really any idea of the talent they have at their disposal, and apparently they don't care. So they waste talent wholesale.

Hours are long because the workload is incredibly variable. There's lots of slack time and lots of overtime.

The company actively re-hires its laid off employees.

The weather is a factor. Weather is almost always fogged over in the morning, rain is very frequent, and overcast days common all year long. When the weather is good, it's fabulous, and the rest of the time its gloomy. Avoid if you're prone to depression.
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