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From Texas, Arlington — 06/03/2010

Mainstream music sucks. If I hear miley cyrus or taylor swift playing again, I quit! Kanye west did the right thing by interrupting her music awards speech! If only his music interupts taylor's song at work, I be so happy. Customers lacks common sense. Fat girls needs to stop dressing like whores because seeing them walking around with rolls are nasty! Whenever I walk pass these fat girls, iits like going to Sea World and being splashed by whales! I always get attack by them! Managers are illogical, girls are stupid to work with, I could have been a better manager than these bitchy ones. This job is ok, but its funner if you have your other worker who roleplays with you and pretend the evil bosses lurks around the dungeon with their favorite (minions). While closing, this manager and her favorite was just talking at the register while me and this girl were cleaning at the front. That manager and her minion did nothing to help clean the store, and whenever me and my friend talked, she yelled at us. I decided to prank call them in the bathroom while the managers were just chit chatting and doing nothing. The minion answered the phone as I prank called them. After that, they were freakin out about it. It was funny and made my coworkers laugh. The pay is okay, minimum wage, but if you are a good worker, you get more hours and its stable because district manager is lazy. Managers loves to talk shit but that's always expected. Only the pretty girls gets to work more, but their effort was half assed. And there are pretty girls who sucks at work period! Benefits for part time is 10% because company is owned by asians, korean to be particular because they are fucking cheap..whatever. you can easily steal because loss prevention is super weak. I've never done it myself because I believe in karma. Store is messy because customers are messy and inconsiderate. Its hell on saturdays....where do these people come from? Sometime the good workers hardly get any hours and since I am good, I like to help my girls get the hours as much as I can. One girl is stupid thinking she's the hot shit and bossing me around when I work longer than her. I won't be surprised if you girls know who is typing this...but I won't be there much longer. I may be quiet and keep things to myself, but here, this is like blowing something out in the bathroom.
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