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From West Caldwell, NJ — 03/11/2008

I've been working full time for XTC Apparel for two years while attending med school and I am confident this is where I will stay for at least the remainder of my schooling. The hours are flexible around my school schedule and the owner is awesome to work for. He is completely understanding when it comes to my schedule. The pay is pretty good. At this point, I'm making $22/hr. I am only one of four other full time employees, and the company is doing well, so I don't think getting laid off is anywhere in my future. The location is ideal for me, a quick 20 minute drive from my home. The people I work with are all awesome, partly because we all share the same interests, which is kind of a requirement if you want to work for this company. The only down side is that the company does not offer us health insurance, however they do give employees two weeks paid vacations and UNLIMITED sick time! The owner runs the company on trust, which is a nice way to work.
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