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From San Diego, Ca — 11/25/2009

XO does pay a very competitive salary. I worked for XO for 18 months before they let me go for lack of performance, However I made excellent commissions and got a lot of toys for first 12 months of selling. Health benefits are not that great, but it seems like everybody is complaining about lower benefits. They do have great products. I can't complain about their training either. The San Diego Office Support team members were great to work with. My hiring GM and Sales Manager were also great. With all that said and in no specific order.

The Corporate strategy to automate its customer service and support systems is a great idea, but based on my customer installations and service experiences they need to bring back the "local" human interface and really hold them accountable.

The San Diego is a small market in that as small businesses grow to medium or to large organizations the individuals who work their tend to either stay with those companies or they move to local companies. XO is still paying for the early screw ups and account abandonments when they acquired some of the local competitors.

Recommendation: Hire for customer retention and support, both pre and post installation. Spend some marketing dollars on correcting XO's image in the San Diego Market. You have great products, a great sales engineering team but no true customer support. Did I say local image, installations, support and customer retention (or the lack of) is your main problem. Stop the hiring and firing of sales people. They can't sell their way out of these types of problems. As far as I am concerned XO Communications should be the No. 3 service provider in San Diego. You need to ask yourselves and answer the most important question of all. Why is XO failing in this market and what do you need to do to change your image and your sales performance?

Finally, move the entire office to the smaller office suite in front. so that they can truly feel like a team.
Your existing office is too big for the amount of personnel that's in their now.

P.S. Did I tell you that I was paid about $34,000.00 in commissions (not salary) within 5 months, when I was let go.
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