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From Herndon VA — 09/25/2009

I've been at XO 6 months and the honeymoon should be over; but I love this place. I spent many years at MCI as a happy employee and then 5 high earning years with the most miserable existence ever at Verizon Business. When people rate earnings, work/life balance and respect at XO less than excellent, I have to wonder where they have been working prior....? Yes, the benefits are less than ideal - but they aren't kept a secret. Anyone that commands respect with the work they do and the way the present themselves receives it. Anyone who manages his or her own career and career plans and selects mentors - etc., has unrivaled upward mobility. Work as hard and smart and as much as you choose...noone forces less than ideal work/life balance. As with many companies today and as it should be - its a pay for performance takes some people greater effort and time to achieve the same results as others in less time...that's the beauty of capitalism. This company isnt too different than many in that "If you buy in to where the company is going and what they stand for and you are totally on board and excited, you will have an excellent experience. If you are not, and you are highly employable - move on...don't be unhappy. I'll close with this....if you are a player - there is no better place to work. It reminds me of MCI circa early 90's before that soulless criminal Bernie Ebbers wrecked it.
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