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From New Brunswick — 07/24/2010

I am considered a tenured employee. Since the early 2000s, Xerox has taken the focus off of the customer and employee and put it on the numbers and what the stakeholders want. Since then, stock for this company has plummeted.
This company is a shadow of what it was. No one is clamouring to be part of this company like they once were. People feel bad for you if tell them you work for Xerox.
No raises on 3 years.
Management is poor, see the Peter Principle. Management insists that you have to suck it up, be grateful to even have a job. While that is true to a degree, I find it very unethical that they demand more and more of you while they pay you less and less. Commissions are calculated differently every year, and it has been proven that you are paid less for doing more.
Since Xerox purchased ACS, they have moved 5 groups to Jamaica and St Lucia, and plan on moving more. Xerox is not moving the displaced and tenured employees, but making them apply for current openings. If you don't get hired thru the regular process, you do not have a job with Xerox. So much for rewarding loyalty...
ACS will be the death of this company as while they have the offshoring down to a science, they have no idea what customer service is.
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