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From Toronto — 03/19/2010

Xerox is a great company to work for. I work on the staff side of things as opposed to service or sales. I get to interact with people from many different parts of the company and everybody is usually very supportive. Other people have complained about office politics, dinosaurs, aggressive managers etc. Frankly large organizations all tend to have these kinds of people and unless you are a good fit then you are probably suited to a different size of organization. I found the people I worked with to be of a very high caliber and if they stay on then I think Xerox has a bright future. Xerox is supportive of education and is serious about getting leaner and more efficient through LSS. They appear to want to lead the industry in all the market spaces they serve: office, production, services et al. The recent aquisition of ACS is my only real problem. I don't know how Xerox can integrate with ACS given that it is in a different market then Xerox. Hopefully it all works out and allows Xerox to achieve better growth then in the mature/declining document management industry.
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