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From Saint Paul, MN — 06/08/2009

I'm a relatively new hire to Whole Foods (less than a year) and I really like my job. It can be depressingly boring at times but I have never had a job that hasn't had such periods so I can't do any real comparison. I work with great dedicated people, who know a lot about the product and care about the company's community impact.

Complaints: I haven't had a weekend off in about three months and often go six days between days off (which can be exhausting, you don't realize how important a day away is until you don't have it). The customers, while are by majority great, seem to be stupid when it comes to simple operations a five yr old should be able to navigate. People complain about idiotic things and a complaint can get you in trouble and written up (even if it's groundless and something stupid). Plus there's so many meetings and evaluations, plus filling out forms about another's performance. I hate those and it seems like it slows us all feeling like a team as we're all constantly having to write about each other's work performance. Plus I hate being pretend happy all day. It's hard when you're just not like that. I view this all as a part of growing up though and thus can't say these wouldn't be elements I wouldn't deal with anywhere else.

Overall I really like my job, it's not my career though. The people I work with work hard and give their all to this job. They're funny and friendly, eager to help you have fun at work. I felt I should stick up for this location. It really is a nice place to work and the discount doesn't hurt either.
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