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From milwaukee — 01/13/2009

First and foremost, anyone with a job in this day and age is lucky to have one. Anyone working at Whole Foods is even luckier. Most of the bad reviews here seem to have been written by slackers with bad grammar and spelling skills. Work is work and if you want to show up and just kind of go through the motions please do your fellow team members a favor and quit because you're stealing from us. I take it very seriously as does the rest of my team. That's how we roll. The benefits could be better I suppose and no company is without flaws or flawed employees. I've worked at some really effed up places in my nearly 20 years of various employment and WFM is hands-down the least stressful. I have no idea where alot of these comments are coming from except maybe spoiled, trust-fund hipsters that expect to have everything silver-spoon-fed to them. Again, please quit so there's more for the rest of us that want to work hard, help people and change the world.
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