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3.2Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From michigan — 07/11/2010

From Michigan 07/11/2010
Category Rating
Pay 3
Respect -1
Benefits 5
Job Security -5
Work/Life Balance 0
Career Potential/Growth 4
Location 2
Co-worker Competence 2
Work Environment -1
My job at WFB started out good. Moved up quickly, made sales goals and earned a trip to Chicago. If you have time look at the job postings in Michigan, They have currently wiped out nearly 1/2 of the staff. An internal investigation that resulted in WALK IN vs WALK OVER, Conference calls 2 to 3 times per day. They want you to COACH tellers, but what they really mean is micromanage. You are constantly under the microscope, and when you are preforming well you are encouraged to SHARE with others your plan. I have seen many unethical practices. Do they do it for themselves or the customer. They want you to BUY in to the sales plan, and then you can sell it to the customers. Most branches do not have High Value customers. Customers are average Joes just trying to pay the bills. Overdraft fees are terrible, and most end up closing accounts due to charged off accounts. No one can help you with the fees. Overdraft protection is the answer. The problem is they want you to open a savings account with a transfer each month which only confuses the customer. I was fired because I recieved credit for a walk in, not a walk over, there is a difference. Apparently a good conversation doesn't mean anything. No job is safe at WFB. I am now a happier person and have time to spend with my family. I worked 75% of the Saturdays. Was asked to not log my OT, I could leave early a different day when it was slower. This company will pound you to the ground. For over achievers its a great place to work, but beware, they will be watching you!! Just when you think you are doing a great job, another phone conference.
In training they teach you how not to erode ones self esteem, but when your in the job role, beware.
The branch I worked for was in a small community, and the customers are angry that 4 tellers, and 1 service manager were let go over sales. 99%SOCR, 92% WOW, ....WTF is going on with this picture???
I was buring out fast, I have worked retail before, and remember that WFB is a retail store, not a branch bank. So what does that tell you.
BEWARE....If you like to someone to build you up, only to knock you back down, apply today because this is the job for you. They don't care about your family life, sick kids, dying mother, or when you want to take your vacation. I would rather work shovel pig S**T, than work for WFB.
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