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From USA — 06/12/2010

First of all, I recently made a job change within Wells Fargo, however now I would like to comment on my 4.5 years being a banker in a branch. Being a personal banker is very "service to sales" oriented. Wells has a sales culture that really focuses on the numbers. Some people can't handle this. Even though there is pressure everyday, you have to learn to just focus on the job and not what others are doing. It seems that on every team, there are a few bad apples that will try to suck you into their negative mindframe. This will only hurt you. The numbers are high, but doable. Some days are great, other days you will end up with a big goose egg. You will feel extremely high one day and low the next. You need to learn to not take the great, or terrible days personal.

Some factors will effect your overall success. Having a good manager that doesn't micro manage all the time will help. If your manager shows confidence in you and trusts your judgement, that helps too. There will be many many times when you have to make a decision. It is very nice if you don't have to run everything by your manager before hand. This is something that you must earn though. You may get a manager who thinks they are going to shoot straight to the top. The only way they can do this is by applying great pressure on you. Be careful about this. I suggest talking with your manager if you have a problem, but don't be a wimp and start crying about the numbers. This will only hurt you.

It is true that people become bankers from all walks of life, but everyone brings a different viewpoint to the table. Because we serve diverse communities, bankers tend to be diverse as well. Diversity is something that is an asset on the banker side. Knowing another language can help you.

One of the main factors which will determine your success will be how you deal with people. You will be working directly with the community in which you are placed. Every community is different. The types off sales you get will be influenced on the location of your branch. In older communities with lots of elderly, you will do alot of CD's, investment referrals. In some city type neighborhoods, expect to open alot of checking and savings accounts.

Well, was a Personal Banker 1 for about a year or so, then became a personal banker 2. I truely looked at the good things everyday. You will be tested by your managers, peers and customers everyday. I truely enjoyed the challange. Wells Fargo is a good company to work for. Stay strong, keep your head up, and always have integrity in everything that you do and you will be a success.
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