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From Maryland — 04/11/2010

I too currently am trying to escape WF. After the market took a turn for the worse around 2007-08, a majority of all the "good" aspects that WF had left were lost too. Work/life balance doesn't exist, micromanagement has reached an all time high (even including the non-sales jobs), and raises are about non-existent. Almost everyone I work with is overworked and tired, and the remaining sub par managers don't think twice to continue to delegate their few assigned tasks your way - on top of your current extreme workload, due to the high level of previous layoffs. WF has lucked out with the economy being so bad, otherwise I guarantee their turnover rate would be through the roof. All the other employees I know are currently looking for other jobs. I predict within the next 5 to 10 years the company will loose most of their good quality workers. Overall, I'm thankful I made this realization now so that I can continue to plan my move out of this company asap.
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