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From FL — 03/30/2010

This is a sales position. Period. The economy is bad and the company is going through a merger. You need thick skin for this position. You WILL be pushed! There are unreasonable goal expectations on a regional level. Honestly, I ignore them. They are ridiculous and everyone knows it. Just smile & nod. Yes, there are outbound calls. If you build your relationships with your existing customers, you won't have as many cold calls - they will think of you first when they need something and also will refer people to you. There are sales practices that are suggested that I do not agree with... therefore, I do not employ them. My job is ultimately to do what is in the best interest of the customer. I can hit my numbers without questionable "best practices". My starting base salary was $35k. I can easily make another $10k in bonuses. There are 5 categories and you must meet 3 of them - however you need to average 100% in all. Many complain about the loans, but approved credit cards are included in the loan category for bonuses. The first tier of the bonus is NOT difficult to achieve. You have to look for opportunities with EVERY customer - I get solutions out of about 90% of the customers that pass through my office. And those solutions are always legitimate & ethical. Did they only come in for an address change? Sure, but that doesn't make the interaction unethical or make me a product pusher. I simply presented other opportunities that the customer was not aware of and could benefit from. I have open communication with my store manager and district manager. There is no bullshit between us. I can perform my job with limited supervision and micro-managing. I do work more than 40 hours a week. Even on my days off, I take the time to turn an interaction into a sales opportunity. It only takes a minute to hand someone your card and ask where they do their banking. I enjoy my job and my customers very much. One of my biggest complaints is listening to the poison and negativity that some of my co-workers spew. I am grateful to have a job that pays $50k and not afraid of a little hard work.
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