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From CA- central/south cost — 03/07/2010

I went on here to actually look at another company, and went to WFF to kind of check the sites validity...

First of all, I'm not a manager. I'm a Senior Credit Manager, which is 2 positions below the manager. Basically a glorified sales rep.

The job has its pros and cons.

CONS: base pay is about 38K a year, and commission is very difficult to get. the VCP system is not only unit tiered, it's based on loan volume too. Honestly, they need to cut some of the fat out of other areas of the company and start paying their sales professionals like PROFESSIONALS.

Having said that, the job is pretty fair. I work in the Gaydos Region in CA, my RM, DM, and Manager are all very bright and competent. They pay is about in par with the work, but again the need to ease up on the VCP guidelines a bit. 97% of the company is probably make base pay, just like they like it...

Benefits and 401K matching are actually very good, and overall its a good company. I think a lot of the negatives on here are probably just whiners. If you don't like it, get out. Promotion is no cake walk, but it is fair: you sell more, you get promoted. I haven't seen favoritism play too strong of a role here.

Pretty professional and fun environment.
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