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From Minneapolis, MN — 11/20/2009

Annual performance appraisals are not uniform throughout the organization, as a rating is no available for just met expectations. One either met some expectations, met all and exceeded some expectations, exceeded expectations, and significantly exceeded all expectations.

Severance packages were hospitable.

Benefits are nice: 25 personal days off, 6% 401K matching, 90 day vesting for tuition reimbursement.

Virtual management is challenging. Expect a virtual manager who you will rarely see face-to-face. Everything is done over the phone, web/phone conferencing, or email.

If you are manager, forget recognition from superiors.

Diversity is a core WF value. The majority of management in any of WF's organizations is predominantly white male or female.

Expect to work long hours, as team members are having to assume the responsibilities of 20% of team members being laid off in 2009. This creates a conflict with Work-Life Balance. Everybody has a laptop and can connect to the corporate network remotely to do work after hours.
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