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From Westlake, TX — 11/15/2009

I have worked for Wells Fargo for nearly four years. I have gone from hot to cold, hate it to love, many times.

I love: Pay, Benefits, People, Tools of trade, talking to customers and helping them to succeed, all the resources Wells Fargo puts into all we do.

I don't enjoy: Frequent Systems Issues, Customers yelling about overdrawing thier accounts (THEN DON"T USE YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT MONEY IT STUPID!), frequent changes to systems and goals with constantly moving targets, or aggressive sales goals that tend to lend to innapropriate sales, especially at the branches.

In the end I decided that there is NO perfect company. I work for one of the top ten safest banks IN THE WORLD (see global finance magazine report Sept 2008). They make great decisions, even if it takes a while to come around sometimes. They are lowering od fee structures soon. They really, truelly, DON"T want to ever have to charge an OD fee to anyone. Wells Fargo would honestly rather have customers succeed then always be overdrawn. They make far more money from clients who take out mortgages, and business loans and Investments than they do on od fees. They know that 80% of thier profit comesfrom 20% of thier clients, and they really do want to help the people in the 80% unprofitable catagory become the 20%.

Despite the things I don't like, If I went somewhere else I'd have to get used to a whole new set of things I don't like. I also had to take responsability to understand that if I didn't get promoted, I wasn't promotable. I have to earn a promotion not get one because I think I deserve it. It's my responsability to stand out in the interview process by being THAT much better than everyone that shows up for THAT position! Once I stopped whinning and took responsability for my own growth I did get promoted, and continue to be.

That's what I have to say about that.
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