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From Bay Area, California — 10/24/2009

I worked as a teller for one quarter while I was in college. When I graduated they moved me up to a Customer Sales and Service Representative because I was able to work full time. I usually work more than 40 hours a week now, but only get paid for the 40. Job security for a CSSR is solid, the minimums are easy to reach, even in a slower branch, as long as you have at least average sales skills. But the pay stinks. Quarterly bonuses are a joke. A lot better pay than being a teller but not nearly enough for what we do. I get paid 33,500 a year + bonuses if i reach the goals, I guess its good to have a job in this economy but its pretty lame overall.
Most of my day deals with getting "solutions" another word for "sales." I work in a affluent neighborhood that is really a destination city so there aren't a lot of new customers in the branch. So I mostly have to sell secondary or even third or fourth accounts. This is usually done through trickery or flat out lying. For example, lets says someone has a preferred rate savings account. Instead of converting that to a High Yeild Savings account you would open the new High Yeild savings and tell the customer to keep the preferred rate open because it's a "grandfathered" product and if we convert it you can never get it again and its rate in the future might be a lot higher in the future! HAHAHA playing the savings account market, what a joke! But it produces sales. I pretty much get people in front of me, wait for them to say something and turn it into a sale. Someone says "online". You need an account for online purchases. "Travel" Travel account. "taxes" Tax account. "Shopping" shopping account.
A lot of my day also deals with closing the previously mentioned accounts. Customers come in and say "I dont understand why i have so many accounts" So then I go through a consolidate the accounts usually into the standard 1 checking and 1 savings account.
Managers are a big deal. If you have a good one, your life is so much better, if you have an incompetent one then your life sucks. My manager is the main reason I want to find another bank to work for. He has never been a banker, plays favorites, is incompetent and basically isn't someone I would ever have a beer with outside of work parties. Before him I had two of the best managers in the world! They were chill and we wanted to keep them happy. My current manager micro-manages too much. Once our district manager asked my manager how we were a top producing bank with him being so laid back. His response "I work with people who do their job well, I trust them, they won't let me down." But now, we have a new manager, and our sales have also slipped, mostly because of spite from the bankers. Oh well. What can you say?
Want to get into investments from retail?? Good luck. Wachovia has a huge pool of talent with people who already have their series 6 or 7, why would they waste the time, money and energy to train you? What makes you special? A guy from my branch was supposed to be promoted to PB2 but 1 weeek before he started training they cancelled the class and said it would start again at a future date but they didnt know what it was yet. Whatever.

So, I'm off to Chase. I know the sales pressure and suckering people into stuff they dont need will be there too. But I can do that. I was top CSSR in my district last quarter. But they'll help me get my series 6. After a year or two I'll go to a brokerage house. Hopefully the economy is better and I'll have that 6 and some experience. Good luck at Wells if your going there. Hope you have a good manager.
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