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From WI — 10/23/2009

WFF was once a place where great leaders were molded. A place where a motivated new college grad could start a great career and make decent bucks doing so. I'm fairly certain those days have past.

I left WFF in 2005, when after 3 years of slamming people into ARM's, 40% Cat II Loans with 4 points, and variable NowLines w 18% spreads over prime, I just couldn't look myself in the mirror. It was fun while it lasted because I didn't know what I didn't know. Now, as an adult working in the financial industry, I have seen first hand how the loans I SOLD have caused financial ruin to those who were niave enough to trust my smiling face. How many times did I say "Don't worry, your credit will improve, I'll get you back in here in 12months and we'll rebook this thing at a fixed rate" only to never make good on that promise. What about all the people who opted to swap a fixed 30yr at 5% to a 3 yr ARM with points so high there was a 150bps swing between APR and interest rate (not that I ever quoted APR, or even sent RESPA for that matter). I sure hope I don't run into any of them in a dark alley...

This year I'll make $160, 000 working in the financial industry, not bad for a thirty year old. I am compensated very fairly for my work, and am fortunate enough to have found a job where I can put my clients interests ahead of mine and still make a good amount of money doing it. If you are reading this, still at WFF and wondering if there are other career choices out there, the answer is yes. Don't be afraid to jump ship, but also know that regardless of where you work, you must bust ass to obtain success, as it rarely falls in your lap.
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