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From Des Moines, Ia — 09/28/2009

I have worked for Wells Fargo for 12 years. When I started with the company, I took the interview only as practice as it wasn't my initial career path, in my first interview the store manager who interviewed me had been with the company for 30 years. In this age (and even 12 years ago), loyalty towards an employer seemed rare. I believe many people entering the job force today (and 12 years ago) have a sense of entitlement and don't know what hard work is. I keep on asking why did he work for 30 years at Wells Fargo and was impressed with the answers. I admit that when I first started it was hard and I didnít like the job too much. I too paid my dues - worked long hours, had stressful goals, and had positions/departments that were eliminated. Many of my friends/coworkers left for other employment but those who have still are on the path of finding themselves (still job hop). If one reads the reviews on this site for all employers there appears to be more negative responses than positive. I genuinely believe that Senior management puts plans in place to follow Wells Fargo's vision and values. See them on the company website. Where I do believe there is leadership opportunity is with middle and entry level management. One of the challenges is just because someone is a great sales person; it does not mean they are a great leader. I believe I am fairly compensated, am respected, have reasonable benefits, job security [perform and Wells will do what it can to place you], can balance work and life, have an opportunity to grow, there are many locations nationwide (and some international), work with good people for the most part work in a positive work environment. There were times where I had a poor leader or a work environment where morale was low and toxic. In those situations I either worked hard to make a change in the environment and for the few where I could not I did what I could do take myself out of the environment. I would recommend Wells Fargo as an employer and state you get what you want out of any job. Be accountable for you own actions and if you don't like your situation - change it.
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