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From CA — 08/12/2009

Working at a Wells Fargo call center isn't too bad. With my income there I can afford all living expenses for my family of 4. I have full medical/dental/vision coverage and as long as you try to do what is asked of you (a 24% referral rate isn't that hard to get) you will bonus every quarter. My bonuses have averaged $1,500 over each quarter over the last 5 years - and that is just for doing my normal, everyday job. Another good aspect of the work is that Wells Fargo offers tuition reimbursement for a variety of fields. You can get educated for free and in this economy, that is a huge plus!
On the other end of benefits though, if you fall in your numbers, you will get coached until you are ready to beat yourself like a hammer. Job growth is very possible if you are open with your supervisor and actually work towards your goal. They don't reward laziness here, and why should they? Wells Fargo pays too well to just advance anyone - you have to prove you have the drive and skill to move upwards in the company. Sounds pretty real world doesn't it?
All in all, Wells Fargo is a decent company to work for if you care about your job performance. No, you don't push credit cards on little old ladies. If you do, you are hurting your own numbers and don't know how to refer. Find something that actually helps people succeed financially and you will fund yourself doing great in the job.
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