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From Dallas, TX — 06/02/2008

Wells fargo offers some nice upward mobility if you're a producer. My salary went from 32K to 52K in a matter of 3 years, but I do have a heavy sales background and this type of sales came rather easy to me. If you produce great numbers you can pretty much name your promotion or salary-within reason.

What everyone here seems to complain about is legit: if you happen to be in a slow branch, you essentially have to manufacture sales, whether the customer needs that particular product or not. Loans make the world go round in terms of your overall compensation(for Personal Bankers, PB2, Business Specialists and Private Bankers), and Wells is a super conservative lender, which makes that loan piece of the puzzle extremely hard to meet.

I feel like the sales pressure once you're not a PB or PB2 anymore is lower than other banks apply. The bonuses are also whack, and after busting some major ass you MAY get a 2000 bonus for the quarter, where for similar production at other banks, you'd get paid at least 5000. So you get less pressure but you also dont get paid as much.

Benefits are outstanding: 6% 401K match, 4 weeks of PTO for starters and a very good medical plan selection. Absolutely no complaints here.
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