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From Waterloo, IA — 08/23/2010

So, I have worked for Wells Fargo for almost five years now. No, it is not all roses and the job is extremely stressful. Sales pressure is always on, whether you are doing great or doing poorly. Micromanagement is part of the job as well. Chances of promotions are there. If you work hard, are good at sales, this is a job for you. Consider yourself a salesperson.

However, whenever I need to get off work early or come in late, I can do that. Starting out the job with four weeks of vacation, plus one more week at year 3. Health insurance is awesome, as well as 6% 401k match. Bonuses are little harder to achieve, but the salary is very comparable to financials in the area. Plenty of holidays, no Sundays and Saturdays only from 8:30 to 2:00, and that is once a month.

My motto is, if you can make it at Wells Fargo, you can make it anywhere Overall, I am satisfied, but before you start working for this company, make sure you are willing to put in the work.
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