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From Marshfield, Missouri — 12/30/2008

First off I wonder if you still work at Webco? I have been at Webco a long time and of course no job is perfect, but after working at several other nursing homes I feel Webco is top of the line. The uniform issue! It is for the residents benefit, they recognize which department someone is in by the color of their uniform. The bath girl not giving good care? Hmmm did you let anyone know about your concerns? Our resident's are very well cared for and you know it. Nurses that do nothing? Have you ever been a nurse? It's very easy to judge someone else's job until you do it. Respect? Respect has to be earned. I know how hard it is to be a nurse assistant. I also know that if you do your best at Webco you will be rewarded with respect, pay and advancement. I also hope everyone visits our website because we are very proud of it and it doesn't violate anyone's privacy. I dont care if anyone figures out who I am. I love working at Webco. I could rant about things online also but I choose to take my concerns, questions and problems to the people who can address them to make sure Webco stays the excellent facility that we are.
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