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From Wall, NJ — 04/08/2010

I've been with Wawa for four years now and it has been an interesting four years to say the least. Corporate changed the store level management structure about 1.5 yrs ago and I can't say it was for the best. They eliminated the store level CSL (customer service leader) which was a lower management 'bridge' between upper management and associates. When the position was eliminated you had to either enter the "manager in training" program or go back to store associate. Problem is/was that you had to be willing to work any/every shift when requested and you had to be willing to transfer to another store at any time. if you couldn't commit to both requirements then the door was closed to you. As it is there are now store level advancements available. In addition they hire "externals" - people who are college grads or who have management experience from somewhere else and they bring them in as general managers and assistant managers. We have to show them how the store runs but they want us to believe that their experience makes them somehow superior to us mere mortals. This isn't to say that they are all like this just like some associates are difficult to work with. Still and all I find Wawa a good place to work.
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