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4.1Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Brooklyn, NY — 01/03/2009

Pay - You get paid if you are good, and they have low tolerance for underperformers (Sometimes too low). Compared with other industries they are very good.
Respect - Anyone can walk into the founders offices and say anything they want without fear of reprisal. They run a tight ship, and want to be at the top or their game at all times. There is low tolerance for politics which is refreshing.
Benefits - Everything is free (med, Dent, glasses) have to take a point off for no 401k matching, but its a young private company so its understandable.
Job Security - Good so far. Havent witnessed any unfair dismissals.
Work/Life Balance - About what is to be expected of a high energy startup turning the corner. But it doenst feel like work which is good (and hard to explain to your significant other). Overall the work is meaningful, and makes people feel good about their role.
Career Potential/Growth - Remains to be seen, since there are really good people in teh management levels, and there hasn't been any turnover there. The right decisions about leadership for the most part are good.
Location - I think its neither good nor bad. DUMBO is a nice place to work, but I wouldnt want to live there. Bars are scarce but good, and dining is limited, but I commute, so I dont care.
Co-worker Competance - Lots of young people. Some are inexperienced, but with coaching, and 6 months they start getting it.
Work Environment - Converted loft space. industrial. Love it. Not for everyone. Very few offices, Conference rooms are at a premium. Busting at the seams.
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