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From St. Louis, Mo. — 09/06/2007

Washington University in St. Louis has been called one of the "best places to work in St. Louis" by the local media, principally because it offers great benefits, including free tuition for its full-time employees and dependents (after you've slaved there for seven years at abysmal pay -- unless you are tenured faculty). Like any higher education institution, it's all about the tenured faculty and top administration -- not the students and definitely not the staff. The students are the sheep who get sheared every day (or more accurately, their rich daddies and mommies) and the staff are the cows to the slaughter, who get abused by the university's corrupt and unethical tenured faculty and administration who pose as being fair and unbiased. In reality, they fleece everyone -- the students, the parents, the staff, and even the taxpayers -- so they can enjoy two-day work weeks about six months out of the year, earning outrageous salaries, paid sabbaticals, huge perks and expense accounts, all while they double- and triple-dip their incomes by republishing the same banal, useless research by multiple parties at the same time. It's the biggest scam going in America and it is higher education's dirty little secret. Nowhere is it more blatent than at Washington University in St. Louis. Oh, and don't plan on a long-term career there to put your kids through college for free because if you are a lowly staff grunt, they will find a way to fire you before they have to doll it out. P.S. Staffers at WUSTL live in constant fear that they might offend some pompous faculty, administration, student or alumni member. If you are WUSTL staff, you are the lowest of the low, right below adjunct faculy, who do all the teaching for dirt pay, no benefits, and of course, no job security. Per Veritas Vis, indeed (not).
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