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From Seattle, WA — 08/06/2008

I've been with WaMu for over a year working at the corporate office in downtown Seattle. I was recruited to WaMu by a former colleague into Home Loans division. Former colleagues thought I was out of my mind to make a move to a company best for its constant reorgs and the "inevitable" layoffs every six months. However, I met with five different individuals during the interview process and made the jump because the team seemed to be a great group and they didn't haggle me over salary even though it was on the high end for the area. I've worked with two managers as I've had the opportunity to promote internally. If you enjoy challenges and are committed to your work you will be rewarded. Each manager I've had has recognized my ideas and for the great ones have been willing to help me cultivate them. This wasnít specific to me, this went for each of my team members. Even in times of high stress, they both have taken a time out with me to discuss my stress level to be sure I'm okay and can continue. My work life balance is better than it's ever been. I've never received an objection when I need to leave early for a family issue, a doctor's appointment or just to take personal time additionally; asking for a vacation has always been easy. Neither of my managers has cared when I come in as long as I work the hours we agreed to on any day.
As far as benefits, the health insurance is middle of the road on cost and I wish they had a better network of providers in my area. The vision insurance is ridiculous but on the plus side you get banker's holidays and the recent changes allow you to gain 10+ hours of vacation a month.
Working in banking there are a lot of ups and downs, if you're looking for a position that's secure you have to be a personality that can excel in stressful environments. Additionally success and security is directly related to how well you can align yourself with the line of business, departmental goals, and WaMu's core values. WaMu speaks a lot to treating everyone as a customer; this is for internals as well as externals. They expect people to cultivate strong relationships, create themselves as an asset and excel in challenging environments. As far as layoffs, having worked with some of the individuals impacted the pattern seems to be either they were low producers, have challenging personalities, refuse to manage their workload according to expectations or all of the above. If none of these things are true, and itís simply a budgetary issue Iíve seen manage work with these individuals to keep them at the bank. Because of the current environment, there have been changes which have made the departments smaller but kept the most competent co-workers. The people with the best add knowledge are still here and definitely experts in their respective fields.
The morale here has been lower than when I began but that seems directly related to the constantly changing financial environment. When it's good in the bank it's really good and when its bad people's security is out the window and moral gets low. Other than that, the location for Corporate is beautiful and I'm always excited to have family or acquaintances down to admire the architecture.
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