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From cherry hill canton mi — 08/02/2009

Iím a former employee of Waltonwood, and I worked there for about three years. I worked at the one on cherry hill in canton. During my time there, I had many opportunities for career growth. I was a caregiver which I loved very much, and I was certified in CPR and first aide. I also had pervious experience as a caregiver in other facilities. Some of the caregivers were trained nurse aids, and all med techs and caregivers where under the supervision of nurse betty Hendrickson. She was an exceptional nurse and liked by all her staff and residents and families, so any questions or concerns were easily addressed with her. all staff was provided with training videos and meetings that showed how to have compassion and care for people with Alzheimerís and other impediments.

We did have a change in management, but thatís because Mrs. Wendy Rowland the director at the time was offered a job as regional manager and thus Mrs. Susan Anderson was hired to fill her spot. Susan is a nurse and is beloved by all staff and residents. She is full of new ideals and charisma. Someone once told me that Susan is the one manager that has ever really taken the time to listen to the needs of the residents. At Waltonwood our goal is to give the best we can to our residents. I myself have moved on and now work in a hospital with the very ill, but I recall sitting with a resident during his dieing hours, and showing compassion and letting him know he was loved because unfortunately his family was out of town and unable to be there. I think someone just being there made his passing more peaceful.

As far as the location, there are two in canton that I know of, and several more in other locations. Pay well its better then other retirement homes, and most jobs pay less then 9.50 so I didnít complain, and after all in these times you just lucky to have a job=) The benefits are good if you are full time, and many people do become full time because like all jobs you do have a turn over, but that is because people move on to do new things in their career, or the job just really wasnít a fit for them. I feel all of the staff worked well as a team, and I would recommend Waltonwood to anyone. The environment is very nice and kept very clean. I once had a woman from out of state their visiting a resident tell me that Waltonwood was one of the cleanest places she had ever been in. She also stated how friendly the staff was, and how welcomed and at home she felt at Waltonwood, and that she felt very safe having her mom in the care of Waltonwood.
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