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From Decatur, Georgia — 06/22/2010

I worked for walmart for 7 years and provided the best and worst times of my life. The best cause it wasnt a mentally stressful job, and it allow me to develop skills in other areas of my life without a proformence drop. The worst comes from having to dumb down your thought process for the people who skills are catered just for walmart which slowed down the work process. For example while stocking small items someone must have a great memory so inorder to keep from reading label everytime a new item is open. Not to fault anyone who's ability is not comprehension but if you cant remember physically were you put things while on the job slows the overall affect. They pay wasnt good till i became manager and that only happen because they couldnt cut my 40 hours. Many full time employees sometime would be mark down to as few as 28 hours but would still recieve full-time benefits. The only true problem is that upper management puts down their best workers till one they quit, two they become complete AZZ kissers(Problem ur growth is now based on the growth of person Azz you kiss). three they find a reason to fire you or four you deal with all the mess in the corporate world till you get old and die..
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