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From Plainfield, NJ — 06/10/2010

I'm a service clerk working in a relatively new Walgreens store. I am in high school and this is my first job. I honestly enjoy going to work for Walgreens. They pay me 8 dollars an hour which is really generous considering I have no previous work experience (other than my volunteer work) and most other retail stores were going to give me an amount closer to minimum wage. Customers tend to be annoying but I understand this is retail. The people on my level could be more motivated and nicer, but management in my store is really flexible and reasonable. My store manager is a great guy and he was even willing to offer me fewer hours (upon my request) when I was getting a lot of school work. I must say though, that most of the managers I deal with did not originate with Walgreens. They used to work for the now bankrupt chain Drug Fair that Walgreens recently acquired. This may be why my managers are better and more competent than the managers I've read about. I won't be staying in the company much longer as I will be attending college further away, but from my part-time experience here, I would recommend this company to others.
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