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3.3Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Minnesota — 02/24/2010

My review of Walgreens is as follows:

I am currently an MGT (Assistant Manager)

Pay (2): Pay is very good, if you are SINGLE. If you have a family, you will mostly likely struggle to survive to provide. Walgreens used to offer it's MGTs 4 hours of OT per week, but took it away on 2 days notice. I haven't been able to recover. Involuntary 15% paycut for MGTs. No other department was affected by this, and no other members of management were either.

Respect (2): Walgreens is very good at respecting all of their people. Never had an issue here.

Benefits (3): Walgreens has pretty good benefits. Dental is very good, most services are covered. 3 different options with 2 different companies available for health insurance. Options are always good!

Job Security (0): I put this as a 1 because of all the changes Walgreens is undergoing. They recently announced their plan to take one MGT out of every store, and created a new keyholder position for a cheaper alternative to management.

Work/Life Balance (-2): Simply put, this is retail. I have noticed as of late that Walgreens seems to discourage their employees from starting families, but maybe this is better since you'd never get to see them anyways....

Career Potential/Growth (-1): The opportunites are definitely there. You have to know people to get them. I have been a hard working MGT for 4 years, very deserving of the ever elusive EXA position, and have been turned down 5 times because of district switches and not knowing the DM well enough.... Walgreens also recently announced it's plans to slow growth, meaning less chances for EXAs to get promoted to Store Manager....

Location (1): This is hard to rate just because depending on where you live, you'll probably have a little commute no matter what. In a lot of cases though, you do have some say in where you go and how far you have to drive. In a lot of districts, the DMs try really hard to put their MGTs and EXAs close to where they actually live....

Co-Worker Competence (2): I have found most of my co-workers to be quite competent and smart and have a decent idea of what they are doing. As with most jobs, you do get the occasional person who has no idea, but that's expected.

Work Environment (3): Walgreens is a small store, which makes things better. Customers are a lot friendlier, employees are easier to deal with.
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