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From Indiana — 01/27/2010

Pay is quite good for retail unless you stay in the entry position and never move up. I started at $6 per hour and last year I made over $50K. I've worked here for 7 years and I got the minimum bonus because my store doesn't make a big profit - you could make a lot more in a profitable store. I'm an EXA and actually get paid pretty decently, though you wouldn't want to stay in the position long due to the hours.

MGTs got a raw deal with the pay cuts without warning, but they didn't lay off anyone, so that is a bonus in this economy. Walgreens also did the right thing by cutting corporate first - many office people were laid off and even VPs and DMs were demoted/laid off and no one was laid off at the store level. I am afraid that promotions will be tough for a while, but that is not unique to Walgreens.

Benefits are great when you consider profit sharing which is free money. Most won't consider this a benefit because you can't touch the money until you retire - no long term perspective. Do they know that Walgreens matched every $1 you put in with $2.90 last year? I just started a year and a half ago and I now have over $9K and only put in like $3500. Healthcare isn't cheap, but it isn't ridiculous either.

Worker competence is pretty bad, but people think they should be paid well because they show up to shouldn't be a surprise that entry level cashiers are paid around the poverty line. It isn't incredibly hard to get moved up because you can look good rather easily - though management and up will be difficult in the short term. Respect hasn't been a problem for me. If you work hard, you look great against everyone else who doesn't care - just don't start a feud with managers. There are bad managers, but there are bad people in the world. Hopefully you don't get one, but Walgreens does investigate mgmt if you make a complaint to the hotline. I've made one myself and took down an MGT when I was a service clerk and I've seen store managers fired when they deserved it for manipulating time sheets, not giving breaks, hostile work environment, etc.

On the negative side, work/life balance is definately a weakness. This is more of a retail problem than a Walgreens problem though. As an EXA, you are salaried and so your hours are long. The bonus check helps make up for it a little bit - the minimum is $3600/year. For a while, my manager was trying to schedule me 55 hours a week, but the DM put an end to it. I work 45-50 hours now depending on what the store needs but I have put in 60 hours when needed. December is a whole different story though... You will work different hours, weekends, holidays, etc but you should know that going in. I wouldn't stay in the EXA positon for long without a promotion, but the job isn't designed to be long term. Once you get to store manager, you work 4 mornings, 1 night, 2 4 hour Saturdays/month so its not bad at all.
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