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From NC — 09/16/2009

I actually love my job at Walgreens. I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Film in '04, couldn't find a job, and after a year of searching stumbled upon Walgreens and got a position as an MGT. It's obviously not something I had thought of pursuing while I was in school, but it's fairly easy work and it pays the bills.

Pay: Pretty decent for a recent college grad, started out at 15.90 when I was hired. They limit the hours to no more than 40 a week, which has its ups and downs. No overtime=no extra pay, but you're also not having to work yourself to death. I get two days off every week, like any other 5-day a week job, and they rotate the schedule at my store so the MGTs and EXAs usually get one or two weekends off a month.

Respect: I have never had an issue with other employees or management as far as not being respected. My store manager is great, he's very patient as far as making sure I understand anything I'm not sure how to do. My employees are all older than I am and have been there longer, but they respect me and are always willing to help me if I'm not familiar with something, as I've only been there a few months.

Benefits: Are ok, but I've paid a lot less with a lot more coverage with other jobs.

Job Security: Have been told that you'd have to mess up pretty bad to get fired. If the store gets slow or a new store opens, they'll just move you around. With so many Walgreens in operation and so many more being set to open, I think it'd be almost impossible to get laid off.

Work/Life Balance: It's not bad, it's more or less like any other job working 5 days and 40 hours a week. The only downside is working holidays, but at least they pay you double-time for it. There is one other MGT and an EXA at my store, so I usually get every third weekend off. I usually work nights from 3-10:30 and actually prefer it- I don't have to open at the crack of dawn and I can still go out afterwards if I want! :)

All in all I'd definitely recommend it for anyone that's thinking about it. There's a lot of learning involved, I've been there 3 months and am still learning new things every day, but the work isn't hard, it pays well, and you're also gaining valuable management experience should you choose a different path down the road.
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