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From North Lauderdale, FL — 09/15/2009

I've worked for walgreens going on 3 years now. I first came to the company and was hired as a Photo Tech, 2 months later i was promoted, and given a raise from $7.75 to $9.75 because i worked harder than anyone else in the store. and had proven myself. i continued on my track having any EXA or Ast Mgt Show me whatever i didnt know. Went up to my manager and told him i wanted to be an Assistant Manager. after my 1 year mark with walgreens, i was promoted to assistant manager. $16.50+ an hour. No life. nothing but walgreens, no college degree. pretty much any monkey can do this job you just have to be able to handle the work load and responsibility. as long as your money is good and you can learn pharmacy quick. You will do good in this company.
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