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From Highlands Ranch, Colorado — 07/07/2009

I have worked for Walgreens for almost 4 years now. I started out as a service clerk, worked my way into the photo department, got promoted to the sims coordinator. And now there's all this talk about the sims coordinator position being changed to a "store leader". Basically you do everything you did before PLUS what an assistant manager does, with only a dollar raise. If I accept the position I will be making $12.00 an hour, assistant managers in my area start off at $15.75. I have worked 8-4:30pm hours everyday and actually enjoyed my job. Now, I have to close once a week, get to open once a week, and my other 3 days I have to work 10-6:30pm, the one thing I loved most about my job was the amazing hours I had. I have worked hard for this company, and I can say that I actually like(d) Walgreens. Do they think we are stupid or something? That we wouldn't notice we're being shafted? I love learning knew things, and a dollar raise is better than nothing, but when I think about the situation, I can see a room full of businessmen sitting at a table saying... "Well.. lets make this person do exactly what a manager does, but not pay them for it! It's genious!" ... I think I have now given up on Walgreens. I am actually looking for a new job right at this moment. I know the economy is bad, but for employees that have worked hard for years.. come on... Take a little bit of the hundred thousand dollars you make a year and give it to some people that more than likely need it more and deserve it more.
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