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From Elizabethton, TN — 01/22/2009

Pay: I started out/make 7.75 and hour working in photo. For the job, I believe this is reasonable to good pay and leaves just a little left each month after bills. After about a week of training, this is definitely not a difficult job, although you do get busy sometimes.

Respect: I realize that many people's number 1 complaint about working for walgreens is lack of respect. However, I have never noticed even the slightest hint of this. I work very hard and try to get as much done while I'm there as possible. If I have nothing to do, I find something. I think this is why I get respect and don't feel unappreciated. If you are lazy, people will notice and probably talk about it, so don't be and you're fine.

Benefits: I haven't been working here long enough to receive any benefits, other than about $10 per pay check in PM's (commission). However, I think the health insurance benefit after 6 months is very good. The premium health plan is very good at a very reasonable price. I also know that profit sharing becomes available at some point, but I doubt it pays much.

Job Security: I feel 100% secure in my position as a photo tech. I also consider myself one of the hardest working employees in the store, which would resonate with managers when job cutting time came. If you do your job and take it seriously, job security shouldn't be a problem. The downfall in the economy could heavily affect this though...

Work/Life Balance: I'm happy with my scheduling. I alternate between 8am-3pm or 4pm and 3pm-10:30pm shifts, earning about 37 hours/week. This is fine with me, although I do prefer the early shift. 7pm on is too slow in the photo department for me. I like to stay busy. The only downside is having to work a 3-10:30 shift one day and an 8-3 shift the next about once a week, or maybe 3 times a month. By the way... I do hate having walgreens dreams!! I don't like working when I'm at home in bed.

Career Potential/Growth: Potential is absolutely there. I don't see myself sticking around long enough to become a manager or corporate, but I do expect a promotion to pharmacy tech in the next few months. The extra money would be great, about $10/hr in the pharmacy, and I know I would stay busy.

Location: Walgreens is tops in the industry in location. The have done a lot of research on placement of their stores, and it has paid off for them. I live about 8 minutes away, so the commute to work is a breeze. It is also within sight of several fast food restaurants so my lunch break (30 min) is just enough to drive, sit down, and eat a meal.

Co-worker Competence: No complaints. Everyone seems to do their job, and is pleasant to work with. Many of my co-workers are very friendly and I look forward to saying hi to them when I come in. I do wish that the night shift would straighten the store more, if they do at all. I would be begging for something to do if I worked 11pm to 7am... the store has to be dead for most of that time. Oh well, straightening isn't so bad.

Work Environment: Comfortable. I am lucky to have a good manager who appreciates the work I do, and tells me so. The assistant managers are also great and I enjoy helping them set up displays and unloading the truck. I do wish that tennis shoes were acceptable with the dress code, my salomons are far more comfortable than my dress shoes...

*As a side note, I consider myself to be an optimistic person. This reflects in my opinion on my job. As with any job, there are some downsides; but I think walgreens has fewer of these than many other employers. If you are looking for a decently paying job, that won't leave you begging for death at the end of your shift, walgreens is an excellent option.

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