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From Bellingham WA — 01/11/2008

I've been working as an Assistant Manager for about 6 months. I have worked at two different stores, and both were/are good experiences. I earn $16.40 hourly, and I feel like I am making tangible steps towards a promotion.

I just graduated from college, and this was the best job I was able to get right after school in the area I need to work. It wasn't what I was planning on, and to some degree I am embarrassed to be working retail after graduating with honors.

Despite this, I have been surprisingly happy with my job so far. I spend most of my time taking care of daily operations: stocking, giving employees their breaks, handling shipments, certain areas of the store that are solely my responsibility, as well as the daily balancing of the books.

A hard worker, who can handle conflicts, communicate well, and deal with a flexible (read: your flexibility) will succeed. As pointed out by many other posters, this company is growing very rapidly. There is a serious (and growing) need for upper level management.

I would recommend this job to any recent graduate. At the very least it is a great first "real" job. The experience, and decent chance of quick advancement will improve any resume.
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