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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Chicago, IL — 12/30/2007

Hey guys, ive been an employee for a year working in the pharmacy. The pay is a little low i do admitt, but im getting paid more than most of my friends. Respect differs by person and by store. Some of my managers respect other works and some just dont care. Corporate is pretty good, and give you generous bonus pays for holidays and for christmas you even get giftcards. They could do a little better though. The benefits are excellent at Walgreens their profit sharing is remarkable and after about 20 years you will retire well off. With walgreens as long as you dont steal slack off or give other employees problems , you will be a long time employee. When it comes to the Pharmacy, Pharmacists are overworked. The Pharmacy is sometimes understaffed sometimes, but the employees who are working do their best. It takes awhile to get promoted at Walgreens, but is possible. With a Walgreens almost every mile in Chicago, location is no problem. Most of our co-workers are very intelligent and well rounded people, of course there are the some that you just wonder about. When it comes to the work enviroment, I gave it a 2 only because the break room, is a poor excuse. The staff only gets a 1/2 hour lunch and two 15 min breaks. You dont really have time to run home, and when you go on a break you want to relax, not sit on broken chairs, broken and recycled tables. They should provide more ammenidies. but thats just my opinion.
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