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From Charlotte,N.C. — 03/09/2007

I have been a EXA almost a year and a MGT for another year and a half. I can tell you that Walgreens is the #1 drugstore to work for and one of the best retailers. The only thing is.... you have to have a good work ethic, tolerance for getting screwed over, and be able cover others unproductivity by breaking your back...Don't get me wrong I love my job and have a good chance of getting a store in the next year or so, but I think the #1 predictor of a good MGT is a "Good Attitude". The Charlotte Market is one the best markets to be in and the district manager is by far the fairest and the most reasonable DM's I've ever seen. Overall it's a pretty good job and those MGT's who hate the job don't see the big picture. Everything in life is not handed to you, you have to earn your rewards... You have to pay your dues...a degree alone means nothing without a postive attitude and a drive to succeed!
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