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From Michigan — 09/20/2010

I have worked for Walgreens for over two years as a Photo Specialist and for the most part I have enjoyed my position. It honestly depends on the Assistant Managers, Executive Assistant, and Manager. If they are nice, hardworking, fun people then working there will not be bad, but if you work for jerks... then you'll hate it.

I was fortunate to work for people I really liked, they became like family.

I left Walgreens because they could not promote me to Assistant Manager... not that my Manager didn't want to... there was just no position open and I didn't want to wait around. I don't blame them... almost all retail establishments are the same way.

The pay wasn't horrible. You work an average of 8 hours a day. Anything over 10 hours a day is overtime and anything over 40 a week is overtime but it's rare for you to work overtime, at least in the store I worked at. Walgreens is open every single day of the year, don't forget that. If you have a family and want holidays off then don't work here! Everyone has to work at least some holidays!!

Working in a photo lab was really fun. I loved the customers and most of my co-workers!

Honestly I would recommend this company to anyone needing a job! Yes you may hate it, yes you may work with idiots, yes you might get stressed out: And yes you might need to kiss someones butt, but if you find a job where none of that happens, please let me know! lol It really wasn't a bad place to work and I would have stayed if they had a position open.
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