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From Payson Utah — 08/11/2010

This is from a hard workers point of view and also i think the majority of ratings on this site come from people have been fired, i haven't. worked there for almost 5 months now.

Pay: i started out at 8.60. having had retail experience. The girl who started the same day as me, having NO work experience AT ALL, first job made 9.50. That part im mad about. But she was a terrible worker and got fired.

Respect: From my direct manager, its great. She see's that i do a great job and compliments me. from the assistant managers, from the one thats above me its alright. He doesnt see me work so he doesnt see that i have done a fantastic job so im average in his eyes.

Benefits: 10 percent off of everything except (healthy) grocery. thats pretty good. Full time gets pretty cheap benefits. They give you like 40 percent off in the vision center.

Job Security: unless you dont work, they wont fire you. Just come to work and do what your told. just like any other job you cant be late alot or call in alot, thats why the girl mentioned above got fired.

Work/life Balance: You work during busy times, friday saturday sunday and generally nights. My fiance works mornings and i usually start work when she gets off some where between noon and 3. You work 9 hours a day with an hour lunch and 2 fifteen minute breaks. thats a pretty good deal.

Career Potential/Growth: As a hard working associate, at my 90 day eval they gave me the said was the best review they have ever given to anybody except one other kid who became a department manager in 4 months. Right now im looking at a over night support manager who makes about the same money as that.

Location: Wal-marts are everywhere, mine is 9 miles south from my house and one 11 miles north. which is good.

Co-Worker Competence: im the guy who they get when they dont want to answer a question or dont know the answer. It gets old but i guess it keeps me busy.

Work Environment: You can move to any department whenever you want really which is nice. I work in electronics and cross trained in the connection center (cell phones) and in the photo lab and its nice to be able to go to either. They like to pull me from my department to work in other areas and i like working in frozen or dairy better, only because there is a huge work load and when im busy time goes by quicker. Thats the only complaint i honestly have with wal-mart. My manager doesnt give me enough work to stay busy. She gives me an hours worth of work for a 9 hour shift and expects me to stay busy. So i wonder around electroncs straightening things. That part gets boring.
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