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From Exton, PA — 07/09/2010

Unlike some of the other reviews I have read about this company, I am very happy to work at my store and I consider many of my coworkers "family." I have been treated with the utmost respect from 99% of my coworkers and have been able to progress upward in my "career" in a very reasonable amount of time. Perhaps this is due to my approaching retirement age (I'll NEVER retire). My "real" career is over and now I'm working because I want to--not because I HAVE to. Walmart has been very fair to me. I suspect that the very negative remarks about this company have come from people between the ages of 18 and 30--people with a very weak work ethic who simply stay home if they sneeze and not even bother to call their employer to report their absence. And to think these are our future leaders. I hope I'm not around when that happens.
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