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From Broken Arrow — 05/18/2010

I love working at Wal-Mart. It may be due to getting to work in the department I wanted, but I have absolutely enjoyed my time with this company so far.

The pay is great (for retail/compared to other jobs I've had) and part-timers start at around 7.85+ depending on where you work and when. Associates earn an extra dollar per hour for working Sundays. It's the most I've earned at any job I've had so far. (+4)

Respect was actually better than I expected. They're not kidding about their "Open Door" policy. I have never been screamed at or talked down upon by a member of management. (+4)

The benefits offered are minimal unless you work full-time. All associates receive a 10% discount, which isn't effective until after you've been with the company for a month-and-a-half. Associates are also eligible for quarterly bonuses, which can range from nothing to almost $500. (+2)

Job security--as it is for just about any retailer--is nonexistent. The first time I worked for this company as a cashier, I was laid off just short of two weeks into my time with them. Of course, this probably gave me an edge over other candidates when it came time to re-apply, due to the previous experience allowing me to land the department that I wanted.(-3)

Work/life balance is okay. They won't schedule you outside of your availability, and I've never been called in to work when I wasn't scheduled to. The management is very prompt and proper when it comes to lunch/breaks. They will never ask you to work without being compensated. Taking proper breaks and lunches is always a main concern. (+2)

Career potential with Wal-Mart is about the same as any other retail job; show up for your shifts, take your breaks, don't cuss anyone out and stick-around long enough and you'll eventually move up... though I wouldn't hold my breath since most promotions come with a pay upgrade of around a little over a dollar per hour, plus you have to deal with twice the crap. (+2)

Wal-Mart is everywhere. (+5)

My co-workers know what they're doing. (+5)

Work enviornment is okay. It's Wal-Mart. (+4)
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