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From Michigan — 05/08/2010

As a long, long term associate I have seen constant and drastic changes within my company. Benifits? Yes. Some really good and some not so good. Excellent Dental and very reasonable, Health insurance? Hard to touch financially. Beside with the comepany becoming mostly part-time, with a two year wait on medical insurance pretty out of reach. We are given sick time but, do not use it unless you schedule it in three weeks in advance. All absences count. Doctors notes don't mean a thing. 6 absences in a rolling 6 month period. NO MATTER what! Walmart has become very short term. part time employment. 50% of my co-workers get food stamps, medicaid or some other kind of assistance. Walmart expects total availability. 7 days per week. They call it "OPEN AVAILABILITY". So, don't plan on it as a second job. You will not get enough hours to support a family with out assistance. You might work 7am-4pm one day and 5pm-11pm the next. Turn around and be back first thing the next morning. Very hard to plan life around. They do schedule out 3 weeks but, forget flexability. Very disposable enviroment. Difficult to walk into work each day wondering if it is your last. Many get away with practically murder and others get raked over the coals for not breathing right. What is fair for one is not the same for another. To be an assistant manager is brutal. Up side? If you can hold on and make it 2 yrs. You can take the experience just about anywhere. Companies tend to respect the battle lines you have walked. get better hours, pay and treatment.
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