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From Nebraska — 04/06/2010

I personally LOVE working at wal-mart. At first it was just a job, I figured I wouldn't mind it either way, but I have grown to love it. They are so incredibly nice and flexible with you. It's nice to work with 400 other people! I was working another job, and was going to try to do both at the same time, even though I hated my other job. I told the manager, and she seemed to feel bad. She asked why I stayed there, and when I told her my because of my bills, she asked what I'd have to do to quit my other job. I told her at least 30 hours at wal-mart. She had given me my schedule earlier that night, and then when I showed up for work on my first day, I had a completely different schedule, with 30 hours. The days were the same, but instead of coming in at 5, I was coming in at 1, or 2. Instead of leaving at 9, I was leaving at 10 or 11. I was incredible grateful, she had basically just altered my schedule so I wouldn't have to go back to my other job. Which I didn't do.

It really is an awesome place to work, they are nice, they really strive to make sure you aren't working too hard, they have paid breaks, and if you help a customer on this break, they compensate you.

In addition to all of this, you get great benefits. Part timers can also get health insurance after a certain point. In 90 days you get a discount at wal-mart, 10%, but it's something. Verizon customers get 20% off their bill, even existing customers. You can opt to have them take out 1.50 out of each pay check, and that gets you a sam's club membership. Saves about 7 dollars for the whole year as opposed to if you went in and got one as a non-employee. If you get fired, sam's honors the money you put into it, and just sends you the balance, rather than canceling it and expecting you to pay for a new one at the full price. You also have flexibility with your job. If you can't work, you simply call in as soon as you know. You get up to 8 absences in a 6 month period. On the 8th one, you are terminated, which is amazingly leinient. And, they do not require a doctor's note, just a call. Each one rolls over, so in the event you are on your 7th one, if one of your previous absences was 6 months ago and it rolls over.... it takes you back down to 6. If you are late, or leave early, they consider that 1/3 of an absence. So theoretically, you could be late 24 times before getting fired. Now where else can you do that?

Also after 6 months, you can apply for management, transfer to a new area, or to a new store. You are eligible to transfer before 6 months in the even of extenuating circumstances. i.e. family is moving... that sort of thing.
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