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From Texas — 03/22/2010

Yesterday was my last day at WalMart; I worked there part-time for a year. Started as a Sales Assoc. in Outdoor Living (garden), promoted to Customer Service Supervisor after 90 days. My experience working at WalMart was a very mixed bag.

The least favorable areas for me were Benefits (none - I was part-time), Work/Life Balance (unless you limit your availability drastically, your schedule is very, very irregular), and Pay (WalMart pay simply isn't sufficient for the work expectations).

The most favorable areas for me were Job Security (I could have kept my job for as long as I wanted), Career Potential/Growth (I could easily have garnered more promotions if I'd been willing to change locations), and Location (WalMart was near my home).

I semi-retired from a management job in 2003. I've worked a wide variety of part-time & temporary jobs since then to pay for my retirement travel. WalMart was no better or worse than most of them.

As with any job, working at WalMart has its share of frustrations: some poor managers, some incompetent or difficult coworkers, some tasks you hate to perform, and above all - some very challenging customers.

In general, WalMart was about what I expected. The one aspect of WalMart I found somewhat shocking is that apparently, company leaders choose not to actively reward and positively encourage productivity or recognize stellar performance among the associates. No merit raises, no contests, no shout-outs at meetings. It's all very Marxist in that all workers must be treated equally at all times. Further, poor performance and bad behavior are treated rather mildly with euphemistic activities like "Coaching" and "Decision Days", if addressed at all. The only truly weighty personnel topic is if an associate complains about a manager - at times, it's almost as if the inmates are running the asylum! Given that
they don't get as much positive reinforcement as they deserve, and that there are little to no consequences for poor performance, I would say that most WalMart employees are above-average in competence.
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